Time's 'Best 10 Songs of 2018' includes Minnesota's Lizzo

The hip hop star joined the likes of Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande on the list.
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A song by Minneapolis hip hop star Lizzo is one of the best tracks of the year.

That's according to Time Magazine, which has named her June single "Boys" at No. 10 in its "10 Best Songs of 2018" list.

Lizzo seemed pretty excited about it, tweeting on Saturday: "Thank you Time for naming 'Boys' the Top 10 Song of the Year."

(She also added: "The album not even out yet hold on to ur d----, people.")

Here's what Time has to say about Lizzo:

"No one has more fun than Minneapolis rapper Lizzo, whose bold, bouncy 'Boys' celebrates sexuality and self-love over a funky beat. Lizzo’s trademark is upbeat feminist anthems, and they’re needed badly right now amid so much turmoil: her boundless positivity is a light in the dark."

The song also gets bonus points since the video was shot in Minneapolis.

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