To help her sick granddaughter, grandma will sing Disney on roof of Dairy Queen

Her 1-year-old granddaughter was born with severe heart defects.
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There will be quite the spectacle in St. Paul's Eastside next Saturday, when Karen Plaisted climbs to the roof of a Dairy Queen and starts belting out Disney songs.

The grandma, who has owned the DQ at 565 Earl Street with her husband Tim for 27 years, will take to the roof to raise money for her son Giovani Plaisted, wife Alyssa and beloved granddaughter Edleigh.

Her family is struggling with medical bills incurred since 1-year-old Edleigh was born with severe heart defects, which required 4 major heart surgeries and countless other medical procedures, according to a GoFundMe page.

The fourth of these surgeries required a medical transfer to Boston Children's Hospital at a cost of $50,000 – which fortunately was covered by a combination of insurance and donors.

But the couple is still facing older bills, as well as pending costs for the surgeries Edleigh is likely to have in the future.

This is why her grandmother will be singing at the Disney-themed fundraiser between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. next Saturday at the DQ she runs.

The Pioneer Press reports she'll be dressed up princess-style, complete with glitter, a homemade tiara and "big blue flowers."

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She told the newspaper she has a "very big voice," and has always "wanted to sing on a mountain."

She'll be hoping her singing will help her son and daughter-in-law reduce their mountain of bills, with tickets to the Disney event costing $11.

This includes a meeting with various Disney characters, including the "Frozen" sisters, games and prizes, and 1 build-your-own DQ sundae.

You can find out more about the fundraiser for Edleigh Plaisted here.

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