Turtles are on the move across Minnesota, and keep getting run over

Keep an eye out for the slow-moving critters.
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Drivers across the Twin Cities are being warned to watch out for turtles after dozens have been hurt crossing the street.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville says that female turtles are in the process of moving to their nesting sites during the warm weather, and are crossing roads to get there.

Unfortunately, some are getting injured or worse, as they're being hit by cars as they cross city streets.

In a post on Thursday, the WRC said it had admitted 30 turtles in the previous 2 days, with 47 in total having come in since the start of the month.

"You'd be surprised at what turtles can withstand and our vets are truly remarkable and putting shells back together," the WRC said.

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"If you see an injured turtle on the side of the road (and you can safely stop), bring it to us. Even if the injuries are too catastrophic for us to repair, at least we can humanely euthanize it so it's not baking in the sun."

The center posted pictures of some of the treatment it has been dishing out to local turtles, showing how it has been repairing some of the shells that have cracked upon impact from vehicle tires.

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The WRC notes that turtle shell "is like bone," and if the exposed edges can be put back together and held in place, they'll "eventually knit."

That's why it wants anyone who comes across an injured turtle to either bring it in or at least inform the WRC of where they found it if it's not safe.

"Remember to never relocate a turtle to a 'safer area.' They are bonded to their nest sites and ponds and moving a turtle to a safer area actually puts the turtle in more danger: it simply has to cross more roads and walk a longer distance to its nesting site/pond."

You can call the WRC on (651) 486-9453.

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