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TV weatherman Ken Barlow bloodied in crash with deer on I-94

The TV weatherman hit a deer on Interstate 94 Monday morning.
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That's not Ken Barlow in a Halloween costume. It's Ken Barlow after his car got into a fight with a deer. 

The long-time Twin Cities TV meteorologist was on his way to work at KSTP early Monday morning when he hit a deer on the roadway. The force of the crash sent Barlow's face into the steering wheel, leaving him with a bloody nose and lip that ushered blood down his face and onto his white dress shirt. 

Barlow said the crash happened around 1:30 a.m. on eastbound Interstate 94 just off of Maple Grove Parkway. He was going about 60 mph when the deer jumped in front of him. 

Instead of taking the day off, Barlow showed up and did the weather as he always does on the morning news. 

Barlow tells Bring Me The News that he's a "little sore" a day after the crash but is otherwise none the worse for wear. 

"People who have been an an accident before told me to expect that. Generally I feel pretty damn good...considering," Barlow said. 

We don't know if Barlow would beat Jim Cantore (he's got some serious pipes) in a strongest weatherman contest, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest he'd give him a run for his money. 

As if slamming his face into a steering wheel and showing up to work isn't evidence enough, Barlow also started running with a weighted backpack just two months after undergoing total knee replacement surgery in late July. 

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