Twice The Baggage: Top 10 winter getaways from MSP Airport

Sick of the snow before it's even started? Twice The Baggage is here to help.
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With snow now back on the horizon in Minnesota, Twice The Baggage is dreaming about the winter getaways.

It's only going to get worse from here on out, so there's no better time than now to schedule a winter getaway (think hot).

To that end, we have compiled the top 10 winter getaways from MSP Airport, with forecasted prices.

We searched for the cheapest prices available for a one-week vacation over the next six months (the cheapest tended to be between January and March), but bear in mind the prices will vary depending on when you book, when you travel, and with which airline.


Price per ticket: $141 round-trip with Spirit, non-stop.

Time to take in some spring training baseball, or just explore what beautiful Arizona has to offer. Phoenix has always been on top of the list for Minnesota snowbirds, and this year is no different.

TTB recommends a day trip to the Grand Canyon as well as Sedona.

Saint Thomas

Price per ticket: $263 round-trip with Spirit, one stop.

Considered the gateway to the U.S. Virgin Islands, this destination will be hard to beat especially at this price.

A positive about Saint Thomas is, as a US citizen, you are not required to present a passport, however, it is highly recommended you bring it along with you. Known for the Turtle Cove, Saint Thomas is a must if you love snorkeling.


Price per ticket: $542 round-trip with Sun Country, non-stop

Aruba is now seeing more consistent service from MSP Airport, but unlike Saint Thomas, you will need to bring your passport.

With temperatures from January through February consistently in the mid to upper 80s, you will not want to leave the gorgeous beaches to go back to snowy reality.


Price per ticket: $379 round-trip on JetBlue, one stop

Recently re-opened to tourists, Cuba has been a hotbed for US travelers. Judging by the price of the ticket, that is for a good reason. I don’t need to tell you that Cuba is filled with history, as well as being home to a great food (and cigar) scene.


Price per ticket: $351 round-trip with Sun Country

One of the most popular spots in the Caribbean for us Minnesotans. Another one of those that always makes the list of top winter travel destinations.

If you want nightlife, and beautiful beaches, Cancun is the place to go. Be sure to check travel advisories before you go though.

San Juan

Price per ticket: $235 round-trip on Spirit, one stop.

Over a year after Hurricane Maria, the capital of Puerto Rico is starting to see an influx of tourism once again.

Old San Juan has so much beauty and color, and the people and food are outstanding.



Price per ticket: $434 with Sun Country, one stop

Why not? Seriously though, TTB took a family trip there for a week and we loved every second of it.

We recommend staying away from the tourist side, we chose Waimanalo Bay. Be sure to hop to another Hawaiian island if you have the time.

Santo Domingo

Price per ticket: $321 with Spirit, one stop.

One of the Caribbean’s oldest cities has so much to offer. Because of its history, there is so much to see in terms of architecture, churches, fortresses and more.

Not to mention some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is an underrated destination.

Fort Myers

Price per ticket: $112 round-trip with Frontier, non-stop

Any Twins fans here? If so, Fort Myers is your go-to destination to escape the cold temperatures and snow. Much like Phoenix, Fort Myers has much to offer and is one of the family tradition destinations once the Twins report to camp.


Price per ticket: $532 on American RT, two stops

A bit out of left-field and quite a haul with the cheapest flights requiring two stops, but Lisbon has topped many lists this year as the number one city in Europe to visit.

A jump over the pond will net you some great culture, food, weather, and history. If you are visiting Lisbon during the winter months we recommend to also hop over to the Azores for a couple of days. No matter what you choose to do, Portugal will do you no wrong.

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