Twin Cities could pick up quite a bit of snow this week

Two storm systems will move through, one on Tuesday and another 24 hours later.
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The 3-4 inches of snow the National Weather Service was forecasting for the Twin Cities on Tuesday has been increased to 4-6 inches, and a winter weather advisory has been issued to reflect the expected snowfall. 

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Here's the simulated future radar from one of the North American Models the NWS utilizes. It shows potential snow falling from 9 a.m. Tuesday into the early morning hours of Wednesday. 


Along with the accumulating snow will be bitter cold air and wind chill values as low as -25F in west-central Minnesota Monday night into Tuesday morning. 

But we're not done yet. 

Another storm system will eject out of Colorado and push through the Upper Midwest bringing with it accumulating snow Wednesday evening through much of the day Thursday. Snow totals with that system are expected to be range anywhere from 4-7 inches in the metro, with 6-8 inches in central and northern Minnesota. 

So by the time you're eating dinner on Thursday you could be looking at anywhere from 6-13 inches of snow in the Twin Cities. 

But we're not done yet. 

LOL, right? Seriously, there's a similar system expected to arrive sometime around Sunday that could bring more snow to the region. That's a long way out, but the National Weather Service is already talking about it. 

Original story 7 a.m. Monday

Minnesotans will likely have to break out their shovels a couple of times this week as multiple weather systems move through with the threat of accumulating snowfall. 

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), a system on Tuesday could bring 3-4 inches of snow to the Twin Cities, followed by a stronger storm Wednesday night through Thursday that could dump 4-6 inches of snow in the metro. 


There could be some snow totals greater than 4 inches on Tuesday if heavier bands of snow set up within the wider snow area in southern Minnesota, the NWS says. It's a good bet that the current snowfall forecast will be more specific when the weather service provides updates Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. 

Here's at look at the GFS (American) computer model, which shows two pulses of snow, the first on Tuesday and then a bigger system moving through late Wednesday afternoon through Thursday. 

gfs_mslp_pcpn_frzn_ncus_fh30-96 (1)

If the weather service is correct about snow totals being 3-4 inches Tuesday and 4-6 with the second system, the Twin Cities could be looking at a total of 7-10 inches by Thursday night. 

But again, Wednesday/Thursday is a long way out in the weather world and we should all expect that snowfall map to change a bit by the time the storm arrives. 

In the meantime, the warm temperatures are going to crash today, dropping into the teens and single digits in the metro by the afternoon. 

The active weather pattern could continue into the weekend and early next week, but it's still too early to talk about any potential storms. 

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