Twin Cities has 'least aggressive drivers,' study lies

GasBuddy made the claim after tracking drivers' journeys.
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The Twin Cities have the least aggressive drivers out of any major metro area in the United States.

That's the claim, at least, of GasBuddy, which has ranked U.S. based on how often they exhibit bad driving habits that it says cost on average an extra $477 in gas each year.

Minneapolis-St. Paul finished bottom out of 30 cities, with GasBuddy finding that its drivers 12.59 percent less aggressive than the American average.

Among the findings from the study is that drivers are more likely to be the most aggressive on the roads on Friday, and the least on Wednesday.

But the reason why the study is flawed is because it's based on data taken only from drivers who use the GasBuddy app, which tracks their driving habits in order to improve fuel efficiency.

This app notes when they show a "poor driving habit," and GasBuddy used the data to highlight instances of "aggressive events" – namely speeding, hard braking, and quick accelerating.

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So of course the Twin Cities would be the least aggressive – the idea of appearing anything less than perfect while being monitored by a non-Minnesotan would be mortifying.

It's the lone drivers who aren't being tracked who are the ones to watch for: the ones who barge into infinitesimally small gaps between vehicles as they weave through lanes, refuse to observe the societal norms of the zipper merge, and tailgate you for daring to drive at 75mph.

Then again, Los Angeles finished top of the list, so maybe the study isn't as flawed as we make out...

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