Tyler Perry loses his mind over ridiculous price of water at Minneapolis hotel

"They can't be serious right?!" he wrote on Instagram.
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Prolific writer, director and actor Tyler Perry was in Minneapolis late last week for "Madea's Farewell Play Tour," which had a two-night run at the Orpheum Theatre.

While staying in the City of Waters, Perry was offered a product in his hotel room at the Loews that made him "mad as hell": $9 for a bottle of Fiji water.

"They can't be serious right?!" he wrote in an Instagram post. "NINE DOLLARS!!! What the hell this water do, cure cancer? Make hair grow? Did Jesus bottle it when he met that woman at the well? Y’all got to be kidding me."

That price is so high it would even stand out at the pricey Target Field. It seems worse when you consider a 1-liter bottle of Fiji water at Target goes for $2.59. And bottled water at that lower retail price is already marked up an absurd 4,000 percent over what it costs to produce.

Added Perry: " I will swallow spit and die of dehydration before I pay 9 dollars for a bottle of water!! GTHOH!"

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