United scraps tomato juice from flights ... then brings it back

The collective outrage of customers worked.
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United isn't very good at the whole PR malarkey, judging by the latest outrage that prompted a quick reversal by the airline.

Ok, this one isn't nearly as serious as dragging people off of flights, or causing dogs to die in overhead bins, but the response it generated was almost as indignant.

The airline, which flies six routes from MSP Airport, last week very quietly changed its food and drinks service on flights of less than four hours, which included the controversial decision to stop offering Mott's tomato juice.

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Unlike other drinks being cut – including Sprite Zero, Buffalo Trace whiskey and Jim Beam's Devil's Cut – tomato juice was at least being replaced with Mr & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix.

But that wasn't good enough for tomato juice purists, whose complaints began to grow as the news filtered around the traveling world.

The enforced hiatus didn't last long, because United was forced into a embarrassing climbdown on Thursday, confirming it will be reinstating the juice forthwith.

On the other hand, maybe they're PR geniuses by slashing a load of drinks and hot breakfasts (replaced by fruit and muffins) on the majority of its domestic flights, only for everyone to focus on a single drink that it never really had any intention of dropping.

I guess we'll never know...

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