United States Postal Service begins selling scratch-and-sniff stamps

Summery scents. Well, if they say so.
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scratch-and-sniff stamps

Instructions aren't included, but the scratch-and-sniff stamps the U.S. Postal Service is coming out with are pretty self explanatory. 

Not only will you now be able to sniff your mail, you'll be encouraged to do so because, well, they smell good. 

You'll be able to dive your nostrils into the booklet of 20 stamps when they're released in Austin, Texas on June 20. You can't buy them at a local post office in Minnesota, but you can pre-order them for delivery right here

The stamps supposedly smell "like summer," which should raise an eyebrow if you live in Minnesota because the last thing anyone wants their mail to smell like is a Minnesota field freshly decorated by a manure spreader. 

Maybe that's why the USPS elected to make these scratch-and-sniff stamps smell like frozen, summery treats. 

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The USPS is encouraging people to offer suggestions for future scratch-and-sniff stamps. 

Here are some other nose-tinglers they could make should they ever decide to come out with a "Minnesota Scents" collection. 

  • Meat market
  • Snowmobile fumes
  • Lutefisk
  • Hockey equipment bag
  • The flat-top grill at Matt's Bar
  • Lilac

Anyway, if you do order the scratch-and-sniff collection, it's $10 for a booklet of 20 stamps, plus an extra $1.25 for shipping (yes, the post office charges shipping).

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