Up for auction: Bob Dylan's childhood bathroom sink

It's being sold on Ebay by the owners of the former Zimmy's Restaurant.
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As unusual pieces of musical history go, this has got to be up near the top of the list.

The bathroom sink that you see in the picture above is the same sink that a young Robert Zimmerman would use to wash his hands and face as a young lad in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Master Zimmerman would go on to become better known, of course, as Bob Dylan, which is why this piece of porcelain is being offered on Ebay with a reserve price of an eye-watering $4,000.

It's being sold by the owners of the former Zimmy's Restaurant in Dylan's hometown, which dubbed itself the "unofficial Bob Dylan Museum" throughout the 28 years it was in operation before closing in 2013.

Now former co-owner Linda Stroback is selling more than 30 pieces of memorabilia Zimmy's accumulated over the years, most of it Dylan-related, alongside a selection of historical Iron Range items.

But it's the sink that is fetching top price. It was acquired by Zimmy's from Angel and Terry Marolt, the former owners of Dylan's childhood home on 25th & 7th Street in Hibbing.

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The sink was removed in the late '60s/early '70s when the Marolts remodeled and stored it in their back yard for several years.

"We found this sink with its original faucet handles still intact and with the marks where a water glass was placed, time and time again," Stroback writes on Ebay.

"It is all original, except, for a small front portion of the sink that has been professionally restored. The sink was used by Bobby and David Zimmerman [Bob's brother] in their upstairs bathroom quite frequently."

The sink comes with a letter of provenance from Angel Marolt, with Stroback saying it needs to find the "right collector/individual who understands the importance of it."

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