Using Target's Cyber Monday deal to save on household essentials

It's 15 percent off site-wide throughout Monday.
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It's Cyber Monday, and that means it's 15 percent off hundreds of thousands of items on

The site-wide deal is one of the best offers available on Cyber Monday, albeit it's not as good as 2016 when Target offered 15 percent off its website AND in store, allowing millions of shoppers to pick up their groceries at a significant discount.

2016 was a one-off, probably because it cost Target a crap-ton of money, so unfortunately you can't buy groceries at a 15 percent discount today.

However, there are ways of saving money on your regular shopping by picking up some of the household essentials that are included in the Cyber Monday sale.

Here's a look at some of the items that you would arguably pick up during your regular weekly shop, which are 15 percent cheaper today.


We're talking your cold and cough medicines, cold sore creams, decongestants, chest rubs, children's medicines. There's a variety included in the 15 percent off sale today that you might ordinarily buy on a typical trip to Target.


This includes dietary supplements, kids' vitamin gummies, multivitamins, lozenges, pre-natal vitamins, iron supplements, sleep aids and many more.


There is 15 percent off a variety of makeup items including eyeshadows, chapsticks, nail polish, moisturizers (a must-have in the Minnesota winters), cleansing wipes, and makeup removers.


Included in the 15 percent off deal are a selection of shampoos, teeth whitening kits, hand and bath soaps, body washes, deodorants, and shaving accessories.

Nutrition and weight loss foods

While grocery items by and large aren't part of the 15 percent deal, a number of weight loss/nutrition foodstuffs are included. We're talking protein bars and shakes, Muscle Milk, and other low-sugar, weight-loss treats.


If you work from home, or have children, there is a selection of school and office supplies that are 15 percent off today, including folders, pens and pencils, coloring materials, paper, adhesives, mailing supplies, and inks and toners.

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