Valleyfair bringing new attractions to its Halloween scarefest

The Shakopee attraction will transform for 5 weeks starting Sept. 22.
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Yes, we know, summer isn't over yet – we haven't even had the State Fair – but that doesn't mean preparations for Halloween aren't underway.

That's the case at Valleyfair, which has been teasing its followers on social media with a cryptic clue about its upcoming ValleySCARE celebrations.

The Shakopee theme park transforms for 5 weeks starting September 22, becoming a Halloween wonderland that's filled with fun for kids during the day through "The Great Pumpkin Fest," and providing some serious scares for adults at night during its "Halloween Haunt."

And Valleyfair has already revealed some of the new scares it's planning for this year's scarefest, adding to a list of the 75 rides and attractions that will be open during the Halloween Haunt.

Here's a look at what's new this year:

Midway MaSCAREade

During the daytime, this "scare zone" in the Midway will hark back to the days of the French Revolution with a kid-friendly masquerade ball attended by 18th Century royalty.

At night, however, the ball transformed into a haunted horror for adults, as the guests reveal their true faces throughout an "elegant labyrinth."

"The deep dark world behind the centuries-old tradition is revealed with extreme horror and gore," Valleyfair says, "be sure to stay close to your friends or you may find yourself stuck a timeless loop of beauty and fear."


The newest Halloween maze at Valleyfair will take visitors on a trip around the haunted Blood Creek Cemetery.

The route is lined by mausoleums, headstones and coffins, but lurking in the shadows are "demonic villains who can jump out at any moment."

Also roaming the grounds is the Undertaker himself, along with ghosts on the hunt for fresh souls.

"Watch your back, because there is always a reason to be scared of the dark."

Blood Drums

Not so much an attraction as the atmosphere setter. This musical act will fill the air at ValleySCARE with an "explosive apocalyptic blend of high-energy percussion, music, blood, rhythm and sparks."

They'll be performing at the park's Gazebo Stage but their sounds will be heard throughout the Halloween Haunt.

And, for the kids...

If the scares are too much for you, then you'll probably find things a little friendlier during the daytime Great Pumpkin Fest.

There are 9 daytime attractions and activities, including a pirate party, "trick or treat street," and a crafts corner.

Popular with kids is the Van Pelty Derby, a hay bale maze that's a little different, as they will make their way through it on miniature pedal tractors.

There will also be a series of Peanuts-themed spooky shows featuring Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest.

Tickets to Valleyfair start from $37 for a day pass, alternatively if you're looking for a season pass that includes ValleySCARE, then you can buy a Gold Pass for $105.

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