Video: Golfing in Minnesota in March requires adjustments

The Masters Tournament starts in just over 40 days.
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People were playing softball on the shore of Mille Lacs Lake over the weekend, so it shouldn't surprise anyone in Minnesota to see someone in snowmobile gear rip a 3-wood 220 yards down the middle of a fairway in March. 

Whoever the person in the video is, they knocked the orange ball (smart choice in wintry conditions) square despite wearing a full snowmobile suit and helmet with heavy snow falling on the first day of March. 

The video, which has more than 414,000 views, was posted to Facebook by Oak Glen Golf Course and Banquet Facility in Stillwater. 

It's unclear where the ball landed, but we can only assume, based on how sweet the swing and contact is, that they were left with a short putt for birdie. We can confirm, however, that the guy hit the ball about 250 yards. 

What's funny, or perhaps depressing, is that back on Dec. 26 the golf course posted another video saying "today was the last time we'll see the grass for a while." 

They weren't wrong, and it looks like it's going to be a while longer before they see the grass. 

Did we mention that it might snow again this weekend?

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