Video: Jimmy Kimmel gives Amy Klobuchar ideas for a new presidential campaign slogan

Sen. Klobuchar appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday night.
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Sen. Amy Klobuchar continued her 2020 press tour Tuesday with an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," and even got some campaign slogan help from the talk show host.

The start of the interview (watch it below) ran through the usual political late night topics. Klobuchar talked about spending her birthday campaigning in Iowa (which included "thousands of people from Iowa and some cows," plus auto bingo), why she thinks Republicans are scared to speak out against President Donald Trump, and the health care issues her daughter had as a newborn that inspired Klobuchar to get involved in politics.

Kimmel also brought up the recent headlines around Klobuchar's Sen. John McCain anecdote, in which she said he was listing the names of dictators during Trump's inauguration.

"[McCain] was referencing parts of [Trump's] speech, and mentioning dictators' speeches," Klobuchar said. When asked directly by an amused Kimmel, she confirmed McCain did not mention Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.

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But the funniest part of the interview came toward the end (8:03 mark in the video) when Kimmel offered some"constructive criticism" in the form of campaign slogan suggestions.

"It's fine for student council," Kimmel said of her current slogan, "Amy for America." He presented Klobuchar with some test swag, including a mug with "Klo with the Flo" on it, and a shirt that reads "Klobuchardonnay All Day."

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