Video of Minnesota toddler playing fetch with dog next door is a viral sensation

It's racked up more than 11 million views.
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It's Friday, and this will make you feel good.

A video taken by KARE 11 photojournalist Chad Nelson, showing his son playing fetch with the dog next door, has become a viral sensation.

As of early Friday afternoon, the video has been retweeted on Twitter more than 260,000 times and racked up 11 million views.

It shows Nelson's 2-year-old son Conway throwing a ball over his garden fence, with the pooch on the other side catching it and returning it.

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Nelson posted it on Wednesday but it's gained some serious traction on Friday, to the point it's become one of the country's biggest viral posts.

KARE 11 reports the video was taken by a family friend, Erin Richter, while the Nelsons were visiting their home in Savage.

Oh fer cute, am I right?

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