Video shows tornado-warned storm blasting through Grove City, Minnesota

Intense winds and clouds with debris flying through the air.
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The National Weather Service is sending a meteorologist to Grove City, Minnesota on Saturday to survey damage from a storm that might've produced a tornado on Friday evening. 

Megan Bredeson, who lives on the south side of the small town, located 75 miles west of Minneapolis captured video of the storm as it ripped through. The video shows fast-moving clouds and debris – mostly leaves and small branches – flying through the air at a pretty substantial height. 

The tornado-warned stormed went through Atwater and Grove City around 6:45 p.m. It produced substantial damage (shown in the photo gallery below), destroying some small buildings, uprooting trees, flipping boats and more.

Storm chaser Michael Marz tweeted video of the storm as it was entering Grove City and noted that there very well could've been a tornado associated with it. 

Here's a photo gallery showing the damage the storm caused. 

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