Video: Wisconsin biker falls into gap on draw bridge

The video has gone viral across the country.
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A video of a woman who was injured on the Fourth of July while attempting to cross a drawbridge that had gone up to allow boat traffic to pass through has gained the attention of the entire country. 

According to reports, the incident happened after dark on July 4 at the Racine Street Bridge in Menasha, Wisconsin when a 37-year-old Menasha woman ignored crossing guards and wound up riding her bicycle directly into the gap created by the bridge rising. 

She fell head first into the gap and suffered injuries to her face that required paramedics to carry her out on a backboard and bring her to a local hospital for treatment.

Video from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation shows the entire incident, with the woman coming into the picture at about the :35 second mark. 

Fortunately, bystanders helped pull her out of the gap and alerted the bridge operator to keep the bridge elevated. Had the bridge lowered with her still in the gap, she likely would've been crushed.

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