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Video: We spent 2 hours counting out a box of marshmallow-only Lucky Charms

How many marshmallows are in a marshmallow-only box of Lucky Charms? We know ????.

This week, the GoMN team got everything we ever wanted as kids: a box of Lucky Charms Marshmallows. Yes, just the marshmallows.

It was so magically mysterious that we started asking ourselves all sorts of questions, like how many marshmallows are in there? Is one shape more prevalent than others? Do they taste any different?

Since there weren't specific answers on the box, we decided to take matters into our own hands and sort/count every single marshmallow charm. It took 1 hour 38 minutes. You can watch the whole video here, or (if you actually have things to do today) there's a 2-minute, ultra sped up version above with the answers and a bunch of fun facts.

What else we learned

General Mills says the cereal was born when a guy named John Holahan experimented with mixing Cheerios and chopped up pieces of his favorite candy – Circus Peanuts. Eventually, the Circus Peanuts were swapped out for green clovers, pink hearts (the only original one we still have today), orange stars and yellow moons marshmallow bits and the Lucky Charms debuted in 1963. Those shapes evolved over the years.

By the way, those marshmallows are actually called marbits – which may be a combination of the words "marshmallow" and "bits."

Lucky is the name of the leprechaun that appears on boxes of regular Lucky Charms – which makes sense. And Inquisitr says each marshmallow shape represents one of Lucky's powers.

Hearts show his power to bring things to life. Shooting Stars because he can fly. Horseshoes represent his power to speed things up. Clovers are just for luck. Blue Moons because Lucky can apparently become invisible. Rainbows show his ability to instantaneously travel from place to place. Balloons because leprechauns can make things float, duh.

And that orange and yellow one is NOT a pot of gold. It's an hourglass, and it shows Lucky's power to control time.

Oh, and Lucky temporarily lost his job to an absent-minded wizard named Waldo in 1975. But things didn't work out and Lucky got his job back.

About the marshmallow boxes

You won't find Lucky Charm Marshmallows on the shelves of your local grocery store anytime soon.

Minnesota-based General Mills is actually  releasing just 10,000 boxes of the good stuff. A step up from 2015 when it only gave away 10 of the special boxes.

To get your hands on a box of marshmallows, you must buy a winning box of regular Lucky Charms then enter its special 14-digit code at

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