Video: The tornado that tore through Scandia, and the dog that survived

The dog was soaking wet but appeared to be unharmed.
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A storm chaser who appears to be the only person to get video of the tornado that tore through the north metro near Forest Lake and Scandia on Sunday shared his full chase video with Bring Me The News. 

Jake Heitman was chasing when he caught the wedge tornado, which was a quarter of a mile wide, on video. It was the first tornado he's seen, he wrote in his YouTube caption. 

The six minutes reveal just how big the tornado was, along with the eery sounds of tornado sirens blaring from a distance. In the end, he finds a dog that survived despite being outside during the tornado warning. 

"I believe the dog was outside during the tornado, but appeared to be okay and was just happy to see someone. His owner arrived home about 5 minutes later," said Heitman. 

You can see that moment in the final minute of Heitman's six-minute video. 

Tornado grew quickly

"We've got rotation on the ground. We've got rotation on the ground right there," says Heitman as he spots a massive wall cloud in the distance. 

Moments later: "Debris in the air! That's the tornado. Oh my god!" 

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Then, as the tornado suddenly appears much closer, Heitman shouts: "Back up! Back up!"

Heitman then yells "Hang on! Hang on!" as the winds whip around him, followed by multiple power flashes lighting up the screen as the tornado tears through nearby power lines.  

The tornado was rated an EF-1 by the National Weather Service, producing 90 mph winds and carving damage path 6.6 miles long. It was one of six confirmed tornadoes in Minnesota and Wisconsin on Sunday, July 28. 

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