Vince Vaughn, busted for DUI, was born in Minneapolis dontcha know?

His tenuous link to the Twin Cities is all we needed to bring you this news.
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It's Sunday, not much is happening, so we're bringing you the news that Vince Vaughn has just been busted for a DUI.

Hey hey wait, we have a reason for it, the Hollywood actor was born in Minneapolis so technically is one of ours.

That said, his parents moved him from Minnesota to Illinois before he turned a year old, so his link to Minnesota is as tenuous as "Iron Ranger" Chris Pratt's.

They're no Josh Hartnetts, let's put it that way.

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But unlike Pratt, Vaughn has shown affection for Minnesota in the past and visited as recently as 2015, when he took in a taping of "A Prairie Home Companion" and a Gophers game along with Peter Billingsley (the kid from "A Christmas Story"), so that makes him alright in our book.

Anyway he's been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles.

The "Dodgeball," "Wedding Crashers" and "Swingers" actor was stopped at a DUI checkpoint outside LA in the early hours of Sunday, CNN reports.

As well as being arrested for DUI, he's also accused of resisting, delaying or obstructing officers.

Vaughn probably should have checked the Manhattan Beach Police Department's Facebook page before drinking and driving (allegedly) – they gave notice on Wednesday that they'd be conducting DUI checks.

Gotta say though, his mugshot ain't half bad.

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