Viral video: Minnesota man surprises wife of 63 years on her birthday

This will bring you to tears instantly.
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Married for 63 years, Jerome Lindell of Litchfield, Minnesota, was not about to let the novel coronavirus pandemic stop him from expressing his love for his wife on her birthday. 

Lindell, who had been at a nursing home for short-term care in the town of approximately 6,000 people 60 miles west of the Twin Cities since Feb. 11, had a bouquet of flowers for his wife, Beverley, when he walked through the door to their home and surprised her Thursday. 

Their daughter, Loriee Barnes, set up the surprise. She shared the amazing moment on social media, saying "I brought my dad home from the nursing home for my mom's birthday present. Life is so awesome!!"

"Hi, honey!" Beverley says, stunned when her husband enters the house. 

"Happy birthday, honey," Jerome says. 

Beverley then says she can't give him a hug, to which Jerome replied: "Why can't you? I can hug you." 

Jerome and Beverly hadn't seen each other in person since March 12. 

Now he's home to stay. 

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