Viral video of Mankato man asking brother to be his best man

The amazing moment has been shared across the country.
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Brothers from southern Minnesota have gone viral after their feel-good moment was captured on video. 

Will Claussen, of Mankato, was recently engaged to be married and earlier this week he found a creative way to ask his brother, Henry, to be his best man. Claussen buried a message in a bottle, with Henry digging it up with a shovel. 

At first, Henry, who has a form of high-functioning Down syndrome, thought the message in a bottle was a prank. But read the note before realizing that it was an elaborate plan, to which he jumped into his brother's arms in a moment of pure joy. 

The message read: “Henry Joe, you are already the BEST bro, and my very BEST frand, so will you please say yes and be my BEST man?"

The moment has since gone viral, being shared across the country, including on ESPN's SportsCenter and The Today Show.  

"The attention has been overwhelming but in all the right and fun ways. We did not think it would go this viral but are glad it did because this world needs as much positivity as possible right now," Will Claussen told Bring Me The News.

"Henry provides us with very special moments like this on a daily basis so while his reaction was amazing, it wasn’t totally shocking as he is always a sweetheart." 

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