Viral video shows eagle dragging muskie out of St. Croix River

The video has gone viral with hundreds of thousands of views.
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Video of an eagle pulling a massive fish out of the St. Croix River has gone viral with more than 350,000 views on Twitter. 

Dan Goff posted the video, showing the raw power of a bald eagle as it dug its talons into a muskie, swam to shore and pulled the big fish out of the water. 

At one point in the video, the muskie wriggles back into the water, only to have the eagle chase it down and pull it back onto land where the fish would soon become a meal for the majestic bird. 

About an hour later, Goff took another video showing that the eagle had eaten about half of the muskie. 

Goff told the Star Tribune that at first they thought the eagle was injured when they saw it after launching their boat from the Afton Marina. 

It's not entirely clear how big the muskie the eagle hunted was, but male muskies generally weigh between 3-20 pounds while females tip the scales at 3-40 pounds, although they can get quite a bit bigger. 

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