Volunteers rescue fawn that had fallen down rocky cliff in Duluth park

A passerby called Wildwoods animal rehab center.
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A fawn got itself in quite the bind in Duluth this week, falling down a rocky cliff at a Duluth park.

A cyclist passing through Lester Park was alerted to the fawn's predicament when he heard it bleating from a distance.

After going to investigate, he found the fawn had fallen about 18 feet down a rocky cliff on the banks of the river that runs through the park.

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With the fawn perched on a ledge in the gorge, possibly injured, the biker called Wildwoods animal rehabilitation using a passerby's phone.

Two volunteers from the Duluth animal rescue center came to help, and between the three of them they hatched a plan to rescue the fawn.

They positioned themselves at different places on the cliff and proceeded to pass the fawn upwards.

Fortunately the fawn wasn't injured, just a few minor scrapes that didn't require treatment at Wildwoods.

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And it didn't hang around to say thanks either, with Wildwoods saying as soon as it was set on the ground it "ran full speed in the direction of its mother, and away from danger."

"It may sound strange, but we at Wildwoods are so overjoyed when an animal DOESN'T need to come to us for help, especially baby animals," Wildwoods wrote on Instagram.

"They will always do better with their mothers and any time we can ensure that happens, it's a great day."

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