Vote on Dairy Goodness Bar's 2019 Minnesota State Fair special flavor

It will be available for one year only.
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It's once again time to start thinking about what you want to eat at the Minnesota State Fair.

Midwest Dairy has opened up voting to choose which special flavor will appear at Dairy Goodness Bar in 2019. The three finalists are:

  • MINTesota Nice - Mint cookies with both mint and chocolate syrups
  • Birthday Batter Blast - Cake bites and sprinkles
  • Late Summer Dream - Orange Marmalade and vanilla wafers

All are paired with Dairy Goodness Bar's signature vanilla ice cream or malt, but only one will actually be available at the Great Minnesota Get-Together this year.

You can vote on which flavor sounds the best by going here, to the Midwest Dairy page. The voting closes April 12, and they'll announce the winner in the weeks afterward.

This is the fifth year Dairy Goodness Bar has featured a one-off flavor chosen by popular vote. In 2018 it was That's S'more Like It, which combined Golden Grahams cereal, marshmallows and chocolate syrup blended.

Previous winners included Salted Caramel Puff and Pie 'n the Sky, which had spiced "airplane" cookies and lemon curd, topped with dark chocolate drizzle.

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