Want tickets to 'Hamilton' in Minneapolis? Here's what you need to do next

An update from Ticketmaster was issued Monday.
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Individual tickets for Hamilton at the Orpheum in Minneapolis will go on sale on Thursday, June 21, the Hennepin Theatre Trust has announced.

And if you're looking to get tickets via Ticketmaster, you'll need to register between now and the end of Friday.

That's the update released by Ticketmaster on Monday, which says it's asking Minnesota theater fans to register as a "Ticketmaster Verified Fan" so you can buy tickets for the Broadway phenomenon.

To register, you need to log in with your Ticketmaster account (or create one), and submit your information.

You'll then get an email if your registration is successful and then another email will arrive the day before tickets go on sale, letting you know more information about your invite to buy tickets, including an access code.

You can register as a verified fan here.

Ticketmaster says this is "designed to separate actual, human fans from bots," cutting down on the number of people who aim to take away tickets so they can re-sell them.

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But, and this is a big but, Ticketmaster warns that if demand for the tickets outstrips supply, then verified fans will be selected at random to allow them to buy tickets.

You can also buy tickets from the theatre box office, but the Hennepin Theatre Trust says online is your best bet to be successful.

There will also be a strict 4 ticket maximum per buyer. Prices start at $79.

People who bought season tickets to Hennepin on Broadway have already been able to secure tickets. There are around 100,000 tickets for single shows left for the run between Aug. 29 and Oct. 7.

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