Want to be on 'Love Island'? There's a casting call in Minneapolis

The CBS show is returning for a second season.
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Love island

If it goes badly, you at least get a vacation on a tropical island. If it goes well, you may find love. If it goes really well, you may win a share of $100,000.

That's the promise of "Love Island," a CBS adaptation of the show that became a TV smash in the U.K. – and, indeed, on American streaming services.

It is entering its second season this coming spring, and is holding an open casting call next weekend in Minneapolis.

The show puts young and attractive singletons together in a villa at a tropical location and films them for weeks, with the contestants having to "couple up" either for love, friendship or money, and are eliminated either by public vote or because they end up alone again, naturally.

The public vote continues until a winning couple is declared, with the pair receiving a share of $100,000.

The open casting call will be held on Saturday, Feb. 15 at Surly Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis.

It will feature a half-hour Q&A with Love Island narrator Matthew Hoffman and season one winner Elizabeth Weber.

The casting call will then happen between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.

To enter, you must be 18 years of age as of Mar. 20, 2020, and have a passport that is valid through January 2021.

You should probably be single as well, otherwise your partner is going be pissed when you turn up on national TV at the time you were supposed to be on a "work retreat."

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