Washburn students rally behind store owner who lost building in arson fire

Seniors from Washburn High School in Minneapolis are helping the owner.
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Students from Washburn High School in south Minneapolis have raised more than $13,000 to support the owner of a convenience store that burned down last weekend. 

CK Food & Fuel, located at 48th Street and Nicollet Avenue, was destroyed by a fire on Saturday, Sep. 29. KARE 11 reports that the fire has been ruled an arson. 

Patrick Lockwood, a Washburn student, rallied his friends to help start an online fundraiser on GoFundMe to support CK's owner, Martin Onuh, who Lockwood says works 12-hour days and his only days off are Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

"Martin is the only person that works at this gas station," Lockwood wrote. "Everyday for lunch students flood this gas station to get snacks and crack some jokes with Martin. Martin always has a smile on his face and is always willing to talk about sports, school and life with the many kids he sees.

"Us as Washburn High School seniors don’t want to see Martin lose the place he worked so hard at. Donations will go directly to Martin for the rebuild/repairs of his store or what ever he needs to get back on his feet. We want to see that smile from Martin again soon."

On Tuesday, Lockwood updated the fundraiser saying the damage "is worse than we originally thought," and a series of photos of fire damage shows how extensive it is. 

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