Watch: Alexa, Google Home give wildly different snow forecasts

They gave totally different answers!
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Can you really trust your smart devices to provide the most accurate weather forecast?

Bring Me The News digital guru W'Will Seng put Google Home and Amazon Alexa to the test, asking both how much snow is going to fall in Shakopee. The results aren't even close. 

Alexa tells him that Shakopee is in line for 5.1 inches of snow while Google comes back with an answer of 1.4 inches. 

The official National Weather Service forecast for Shakopee, at the time Seng asked the question, called for 3-5 inches of snow in Shakopee. That number has since gone up with the NWS adding the metro area to a winter storm warning, but you get the point. 

Where does each smart device get its weather data from?

According to Amazon, Alexa uses data from AccuWeather. It's not entirely clear where Google Assistant accesses weather data, but a Google search turned back results that suggest it uses The Weather Channel, Weather Underground and AccuWeather. 

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