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Watch: Birchwood Cafe features on PBS Newshour

The evening news show also did a feature on kernza, the grain developed partly by the University of Minnesota.
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Minneapolis' acclaimed Birchwood Cafe was the setting for a segment of PBS Newshour this past week.

The cafe in the Seward neighborhood has made a name for itself for creating big flavors using sustainably-sourced ingredients.

And it was one of these eco-conscious ingredients that featured on PBS this past Saturday, as chef and author Beth Dooley made Birchwood's kernza pancakes during a visit to the cafe.

If you're not familiar with kernza, it's a grain that was created in Kansas and has been extensively researched by food and farming scientists at the University of Minnesota.

Unlike your conventional wheat crops, which are annual, kernza is a perennial crop, meaning it re-grows each year without the need for farmers to till and re-seed the land, cutting costs and minimizing the environmental impacts of annual farming.

Although kernza remains in the experimental phase, Birchwood was selected in 2013 by the University of Minnesota to experiment with the grain on its menu, adding it to some of its dishes, including its savory waffle.

PBS' visit to the Birchwood was part of a wider feature on kernza and it's potential to change the face of grain farming, which you can watch below.

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