Watch: Duluth woman volunteers to be Tasered by police

She did it during a Citizen's Police Academy course.
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duluth woman Tasered

During a Citizen's Police Academy course in Duluth on Wednesday night, a woman volunteered to be Tasered in front of everyone. 

Dani Sauve began by lying on the floor, face down, with the Taser hooked to her. She was then Tasered for 4-5 seconds, with the charge immediately causing her body to tense up. 

As soon as the charge was released, Sauve let out a big breath and was able to relax her body again.  

Sauve smiled and laughed afterward, saying "that wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be." 

"I admire toughness and she did not writhe in pain nor let out a peep," Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken wrote on Facebook. 

The Citizen's Police Academy has been offered to people in Duluth since 1997. They meet once a week for 12 weeks to learn about the challenges police officers face, in addition to receiving instruction on issues like use of force, drugs, criminal and death investigations and more. 

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