Watch: Kids pull massive sturgeon out of Minnehaha Creek

They caught it with a rope near the 56th St. bridge.
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A couple of kids have gained some viral steam after their run-in with a massive sturgeon on Minnehaha Creek in Edina. 

Mac Hoekstra posted video on YouTube that shows him and his friend pulling the huge fish out of the water, then taking some photos with it before releasing it. The 12-year-old explained how it happened in the caption of the video. 

"Me and my friend were tubing down minnehaha creek when we ran into the sturgeon I have been wanting to catch for 3 weeks now and so then I quickly went home made a slip knotted rope and then went back to the creek. When I got there I told my friend to put the loop around it’s tail and then I would pull it up and then we plan worked and together we caught the monster sturgeon!!!"

The boys told KSTP that the sturgeon measured 73 inches in length, which is just five inches shy of a 78-inch record-setter pulled out of the St. Croix River by couple of Twin Cities-area men in February. 

The 78-inch fish broke the previous state record, which just so happened to be 73 inches. 

A DNR spokesman told SW News Media that the sturgeon may be as old as 70, and will try and move the fish to deeper waters that are closer to its natural habitat.

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