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Watch: 'First ever' footage shows wolves hunting freshwater fish in Minnesota

It's a significant discovery by a group of university and national park researchers.

Researchers in Minnesota believe they have the "first ever" footage showing wolves hunting freshwater fish.

The discovery was made by the Voyageurs Wolf Project, a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Voyageurs National Park, which has been tracking GPS-collared wolves since 2015.

Recently, its cameras caught some of them "displaying a unique behavior" in hunting freshwater fish, as opposed to their usual prey like moose and deer, which the University of Minnesota says shows that wolves are "highly adaptable predators capable of finding unique food sources."

The footage below, which has been viewed more than 126,000 times on Facebook since Thursday, is thought to be the first of its kind ever captured, and was taken in the spring.

It shows a wolf jumping into a creek, snatching up fish and putting it on the bank.

Researchers first realized they were doing this a year earlier, when Ph.D candidate Tom Gable briefly saw one of the wolves trying to catch a fish in the same creek, and later found fish remains and wolf tracks scattered along the side of the water.

Further investigation found that two GPS-collared wolves spent a significant amount of their time around that creek, and remote cameras were set up to capture them in action.

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"While wolves are known to hunt spawning salmon in marine coasts, this is one of the only observations of wolves hunting freshwater fish in creek and stream networks of boreal ecosystems like Voyageurs," the Voyageurs Wolf Project wrote on Facebook.

Want to see something else cool wolf-related? Below is a map of the territory covered by seven wolves this summer from packs that are being tracked by the same U of M project in northern Minnesota .

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