Watch: Official trailer for Zach Sobiech movie released by Disney+

It will debut on the streaming platform Oct. 16.

The movie about the inspirational life and death of Lakeland teen Zach Sobiech has a release date on Disney Plus, with a 2-minute trailer released by the movie giant on Wednesday.

Called Clouds after the famous viral song written by Sobiech before his death, the movie gets its release on the streaming platform on Oct. 16.

Sobiech is played by Fin Argus, with his parents played by Thomas Everett Scott (La La Land) and Neve Campbell (Scream).

It is based on Fly a Little Higher, the memoir written by his mother, Laura Sobiech, and follows Zach as he navigates high school and his treatment for the bone cancer Osteosarcoma, which claimed his life at the age of 18 in 2013.

The trailer has already been viewed more than 2 million times as of Thursday, suggesting Disney has a big hit on its hands.

Sobiech's song Clouds went viral and it subsequently became an annual tradition for thousands of people to congregate at the Mall of America to sing it in his memory.

Director Justin Baldoni has previously made a short film about Zach's life, and was signed up for the full film version.

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