Watch: 'I'm From Minnesota' song is becoming a viral hit

It's the work of Twin Cities hip-hop artist Alex Frecon.
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If some out of stater ever asks you to explain what being Minnesotan is all about, show them this video.

Minneapolis hip-hop artist Alex Frecon is the genius behind "I'm From Minnesota," which has become a minor viral hit since going on Facebook on Thursday.

It's been viewed more than 390,000 times since then and received thousands of shares, most of them probably by Minnesotans commenting "This."

Throughout his rap, Frecon makes a multitude of factual and witty observations about the Land of 10,000 Lakes and the people who live here.

Among his zingers are: "Most of us Nordic-Norwegian which means we're really really nice but can't acknowledge our feelings" and "Every state has its problems, so when we start feeling down, we just look at Wisconsin."

It also features cameos by Minnesota legends Erik Stolhanske, reprising his Super Troopers role and Twins hero Justin Morneau. 

Speaking to KARE 11 (whose Camille Williams and Cory Hepola also make brief appearances), Frecon said he composed the track after meeting people from New York, L.A. or Boston who would launch into "crazy, ridiculous questions" when he would reveal he's Minnesota."

You can buy the track here.

You might also remember Frecon as the man behind the 2016, Edina-themed song "Cake Eater Anthem," and it looks like he has another viral hit on his hands.

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