Watch: Jimmy Fallon tries to hate Minneapolis band's song, ends up liking it

A nice boost for the Minneapolis synth trio.
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A Minneapolis band featured on the regular The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon segment where the host reels off a list of music to avoid.

"Sweatpants" by synth band Apollo Cobra was featured in Wednesday night's "Do Not Play" segment, but in a surprising twist Fallon ended up liking it.

Not only did he like the ode to the sweatpants, he closed the segment by jumping out from behind his desk and doing a jig to it.

The track made another appearance later in the show when guest Michael Strahan brought it up, describing it as "my jam of the summer right there."

It's a nice boost for Apollo Cobra, a trio comprising Aaron Stoehr, Dylan Nau and Jessie Lesmeister whose live shows are an "intense fusion of dance, rock, funk and soul," per First Avenue.

At the same time, it's worth reading City Pages' typically acerbic views on the spirit of the Fallon segment, as he is essentially mocking a bunch of musicians whose only crime is trying to make it.

You can see the full version here:

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