Watch: KFAN tricks Carly Zucker into thinking she was talking to Bret Michaels

Zucker was less than impressed when she realized.
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Things we leaned today: KFAN's promotions director Ryan Donaldson apparently does a passable impression of Poison frontman Bret Michaels.

Power Trip Morning Show regular Carly Zucker was on the receiving end of a practical joke that everyone else was in on when Donaldson gave his best Michaels impression and "called into the show."

Superfan Zucker was beside herself at being on the line with "Michaels," who opened up with: "Good morning Minnesota, good morning Twin Cities how is everybody?"

"Oh my god so good!" Zucker responded.

What followed was an 18-minute masterclass of Donaldson winging an interview with the KFAN team as Michaels, that culminated with the ultimate reveal to Zucker, seconds after she said "I love you" to him.

It was a cruel prank, and she has since vowed revenge, warning Donaldson on Twitter: "Your children’s children will feel my wrath,"

"I will be taking some time to grieve and recover," she later added. "Please respect my privacy at this time. Thank you for your well wishes."

You can listen to the full segment below:

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