Watch: Lizzo downs Harry Styles' wine glass of tequila at Brit Awards

That's how it's done.
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No, that headline isn't Mad Libs, it's a genuine thing that happened on Tuesday in the U.K.

Adopted Minnesotan Lizzo, taking in yet another awards bash in what has been a career year, proved she's can more than handle her booze.

During the Brit Awards – the British Grammys effectively – in London, show host Jack Whitehall stopped at a table to interview One Direction-er turned solo star Harry Styles.

Taking a sip from Styles' drink and quipping, "What is this, apple juice?" Whitehall suddenly finds himself shocked when he realized he took a swig from a wine glass filled with straight tequila.

"Oh god that's tequila," Whitehall says, "that is literally neat tequila, he has gone off the rails."

"Seriously," Whitehall continues, before turning around to offer proof (unintentional pun). 

Step forward Lizzo, who was on the next table and took the glass from Whitehall's hand, and promptly downed it.

Lizzo performed at the Brits and was nominated for the Best International Female award, only to be thwarted once again by her Grammys nemesis, Billie Eilish.

Whitehall was certainly impressed by her performance though – and her alcohol tolerance.

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