Watch: Minnesotan musician goes viral for his selection of Heelys trick videos

Donning the wheeled shoes, JamesG is becoming a star.
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Let us introduce to you, the Tony Hawk of the Heelys world, and he's right here from Minnesota.

James Geisler has become a viral sensation this week, after some of the videos he records and puts on video-sharing site TikTok were re-discovered on Twitter.

He's an independent hip-hop artist, writing, producing, mixing and recording all of his own work, but also has a side-hustle in creating hilarious trick videos wearing a pair of Heelys – which if you're not familiar with, are those shoes with wheels on the soles.

One of his videos, which appears to have been recorded in Pipestone, was shared on Twitter by a national journalist on Saturday and has since gone viral, racking up more than a million views.

On his website and Spotify page, JamesG says he made his start in the entertainment industry by posting comedic videos on YouTube.

His comedic streak has continue with the proliferation of TikTok, on which he's posted numerous videos doing Heelys tricks around Minnesota.

The 25-year-old, who lives in the Twin Cities, told BMTN he started making the Heely videos around a year ago to bring attention to his social media pages.

"I wanted to gain traction without blatantly pushing my music, and I felt like Heelys gave me that option," he said. "I got Heelys for Christmas a few years back, and I always had fun rolling around on them, so I decided to give it a try to see what the response would be."

"The response I've gotten is pretty awesome. Most people tell me they love the videos and the idea, and some people have even told me they bought Heelys because of me."

His TikTok page takes followers on a tour of Minnesota. There's one of him rocking Heelys outside the Dakota County Service Center, and others at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, the West St. Paul Horseshoe Club, and even inside a Lowe's.

You can follow James on Instagram @JamesMakesMusic, Spotify @JamesG, and on TikTok @JamesMakesMusic.

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