Watch: Mom, son jump into alligator enclosure to retrieve wallet at Brainerd zoo

The zoo has "never dealt with a situation like this since opening ... seven years ago."
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A woman dropped a wallet in the alligator exhibit at a Brainerd zoo, and went in after it along with her son. 

The incident, which was shared on social media, apparently happened Saturday at the Safari North Wildlife Park off Highway 371. It was a first for the zoo, which said in a statement: 

"We are thankful no person or animal was hurt. We have clear postings and fencing to keep guests out of animal areas and have never dealt with a situation like this since opening our park seven years ago. The woman has since apologized."

The Facebook post below includes videos of the woman and her son trying to retrieve her wallet, which is floating in a pond full of the alligators, while at least one child tells the kid that he shouldn't do that because he could be bitten by an alligator.

The woman then tosses a few rocks into the pond to apparently distract the gators, who swim away allowing her the opportunity to grab the wallet from the pond.

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