Watch out, the mosquitoes will be bad this weekend

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This isn't the news you want to hear the day before the weekend, but if you're heading out across Minnesota, make sure you bring bug spray.

The warning has been issued for those in the Twin Cities by the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, which says that after a late start to mosquito season, things about to get real.

Recent heavy rain have given the insects perfect conditions to lay their eggs, and the ensuing warm weather is likely to bring these newborn pests out, and hungry.

The MMCD said it's been out treating swampy areas in the Twin Cities metro in recent days as it seeks to mitigate the swarms.

But it is looking for homeowners to help themselves by dumping out anything holding water to reduce numbers in your own yard.

If you haven't got some already, make sure you have on hand some good quality mosquito repellent.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends sprays that contain DEET as being the most effective at preventing bites.

However if you're not a fan of DEET or have sensitive skin, then recommends sprays containing picaridin, or for a natural repellent, oil of lemon eucalyptus.

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