Watch: Winona Ryder's Minnesota-set Super Bowl ad is revealed

Squarespace has released 3 versions of the ad.
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Winona Ryder

We're just a few days from the Super Bowl, and Winona will have a starring role – both the city and the actor.

The southeastern Minnesota city was the setting of a Squarespace ad starring hometown favorite Winona Ryder, who travels back to her roots to create a small business website, "Welcome to Winona."

A 30-second ad will air on Fox between the first and second quarters of the game on Sunday.

It shows Ryder being quizzed by a police officer as she lays down in the snow next to the "Welcome to Winona" sign.

Here's the 60-second spot.

However, Squarespace also released a full 3-minute version of the ad on Tuesday.

It includes several shots of the Oscar-nominated Ryder spending time in Winona, featuring several local businesses and community members, including Mayor Mark Peterson.

A decent chunk of the ad sees Ryder talking to a server at a diner about finding her true Winona. As rumored, those scenes were shot not in Winona, but at Mickey's Diner on West 7th Street in St. Paul.

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"There's something about this place, something that feels," Ryder says as she walks down Winona's Main Street.

The ad culminates with Ryder creating her own photobook website, "Welcome To Winona," which actually exists and features some of Ryder's memories of her hometown as well as profiling several local residents.

Here's the 3-minute extended version.

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