Way Over Our Heads podcast: Beef...maybe it shouldn't be what's for dinner

A study says beef and dairy consumption plays a significant role in climate change.
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In this week's episode of the Way Over Our Heads podcast with climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois, the discussion veers in the direction of beef and its role in climate change. 

A recent study from a United Nations climate report calls for radical changes in what we eat and how our food is produced. 

According to the study, climate change is threatening the world's food and water supplies, and recommends that avoiding starvation will require major changes, including replacing meats and dairy with vegetables, fruits and grains, which are contributors to human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. 

That part of the discussion starts at about the 19:40 mark in the player below. 

In addition, Kenny and Jim talk about last weekend's heavy rains and tornadoes, weather planning for outdoor events like concerts and baseball games, the 50th anniversary of the Northwoods Tornado Outbreak, and signs pointing to warmer, muggier and stormy weather ahead. 

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