Way Over Our Heads podcast: Giant hail and low-topped supercells

Kenny and Jim go over last week's wild weather in Minnesota.
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tornado Scandia

A snapshot of the tornado that ripped through the Scandia, Minnesota, area on Sunday, July 28. 

In this week's episode of the Way Over Our Heads podcast, climatologist Kenny Blumenfeld and Jim du Bois discuss:

  • Last weekend's severe weather outbreaks. 
  • The characteristics of supercell thunderstorms. 
  • Weather that's spiking the Glory Index meter this week. 
  • A near perfect summer weekend ahead with a very slight chance of storms.

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Looking ahead, there could be some spotty showers and perhaps a crack or two of thunder Friday and Saturday in parts of central Minnesota, and then more widespread rain possible Sunday night and Monday. 

None of it will be a total washout and pretty much everyone has a better chance of staying dry than getting drenched. 

Severe weather? Maybe a few storms go severe Sunday night in parts of Minnesota, but no outbreaks like last weekend. 

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