'Way Over Our Heads' podcast: Impact of El Nino on Minnesota and dangerous ice conditions

Plus, a discussion about dangerous ice conditions on state lakes and waterways.
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dangerous ice, thin ice

Don't count on the white Christmas in most of Minnesota, but the next potential snowfall could arrive just after Christmas. More on that brewing storm system right here. 

Meanwhile, Jim du Bois and Kenny Blumenfeld, a senior climatologist with the DNR's Climate Office, are back for another episode of the "Way Over Our Heads" podcast, and in this week's episode 

Topics include the reappearance of the Sun, the impact of El Nino, prospects for above normal temperatures through the end of the year, our dwindling snow cover, safety on the ice, and a response to a social media post asking why the 1991 Halloween blizzard didn't make last week's list of signature Minnesota weather events.

  • 2:45 to 6:55 – El Nino seasons tend to bring dull weather to Minnesota. 
  • 6:56 to 8:20 – No snow on the ground can help produce warmer temps. 
  • 8:21 to to 10:40 – Ice on Minnesota lakes is very inconsistent right now. 
  • 10:41 to end – Why the Halloween blizzard didn't make their top-5 weather events. 

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