WCCO Radio meteorologist Mike Lynch announces retirement

After 40 years at the "Good Neighbor," Lynch is riding the jet stream into retirement.
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After 40 years of being on top of changing weather conditions in Minnesota, meteorologist Mike Lynch is retiring from WCCO Radio

Lynch made his retirement announcement Wednesday morning on the morning show with Dave Lee at about 6:52 a.m. 

"Well here it is, after 40 years I have decided to retire from WCCO Radio. It's been a decision that's been in the making for about three years. I've decided that it's time. I have been so blessed with so many great people in my life," Lynch said. 

"This is it. It's been a pleasure, Dave. It's been unbelievable." 

Lynch celebrated his 40th anniversary at the "Good Neighbor" on Tuesday, writing on Facebook: "40 years ago today I started at WCCO. I’ll never forget how the late great Steve Cannon took me under his wing. I’m forever grateful."

Lynch has been a staple not only with daily weather forecasts, but also as a go-to source for information when severe weather happened. Lynch would always man a microphone, no matter the time of day, to inform listeners about what was happening as strong storms rolled through Minnesota. 

WCCO Radio posted this iconic audio from 1996 when Lynch was in Tower when the northern Minnesota town broke the state's all-time cold temperature record. 

"I'm really proud of that one because I had to convince management at the time," Lynch recalled Thursday morning. "That was an experience I'll never forget. Sixty below zero on Feb. 2, 1996 and ironically enough, that was Roger Erickson's last day on the air at WCCO, Monday through Friday." 

As Lynch would say, "Keep an eye on the sky and an ear on 'CCO." 

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