WCCO Radio's Lindsay Guentzel: 'To celebrate turning 33, I quit my job'

Guentzel says she has big plans for what's next.
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Lindsay Guentzel's last day at WCCO Radio is Thursday after she announced Tuesday that she's leaving to focus on new career goals. 

Guentzel made the announcement on her birthday: "To celebrate turning 33, I quit my job," she wrote in a tweet

Guentzel, in addition to being on-air talent, produces "The Chad Hartman Show," and she's leaving her job at AM 830 for the second time in a matter of months. 

Back in December she left the station for a short period to volunteer work in St. Thomas as the island nation continued its efforts to recover after being battered by hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. 

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"In November, I approached management about taking time off to go to St. Thomas to volunteer with All Hands & Hearts. It wasn’t something they were able to accomodate so after sitting down and figuring out what was most important to me (there were a lot of lists), I put in my two weeks notice," Guentzel wrote in her blog

"The trip was something I needed to do and if that meant returning to Minnesota without a job, I was willing to take that risk." 

Guentzel wound up returning to WCCO in late December for undisclosed reasons. Now she's leaving again, doing so to focus a weekly podcast, in addition to providing cooking demonstrations on local TV stations. 

"I have big plans for what’s next," she said. 

The podcast is a work in progress, Guentzel tells Bring Me The News, but she plans to do a lot of storytelling with great Twin Cities personalities. 

"I love telling stories and there are so many great personalities in the Twin Cities with amazing stories to tell. Plus a podcast opens up a lot of freedom that regular radio doesn't allow and I'm excited to play around with that."

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