We power ranked the top family duos in Twin Cities media

This is extremely controversial. Enter if you dare.
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Frank and Amelia hold the top spot in our first ever Twin Cities media family power rankings. 

Frank and Amelia hold the top spot in our first ever Twin Cities media family power rankings. 

Every now and again you have to take a risk. But being bold in the Bold North means more than simply walking outside in January without socks. It means breaking boundaries. Simply yielding when all signs are screaming "stop!" 

And if power ranking Twin Cities media's top family duos doesn't scream "we're bold, brave and unafraid," then nothing does (also, it's a slow news day).

With that, here's how we ranked the cream of the crop of the Twin Cities media's family pairs.

1. Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello

Come on. They have to be at the top of the food chain because they're married and anchors on "America's most watched network" CBS, by way of its Twin Cities affiliate WCCO.

We'd be insane to risk putting two people with names that make them sound like mobsters any lower on the list. Framelia is No. 1. 

2. Sid Hartman and Chad Hartman

Sid Hartman and Chad Hartman

Sid and Chad Hartman doing a radio show together at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair. 

Sid is 98 and still going strong and Chad has a ton of accolades as the former voice of the Timberwolves, in addition to being a long-time Twin Cities talk show host, currently on-the-air with WCCO.

If Chad follows in his father's footsteps, the Twin Cities media scene will be entertained/informed by a Hartman for....ever. 

3. Randy Shaver and Ryan Shaver

Randy Shaver and Ryan Shaver

Randy and Ryan Shaver together the day Ryan was hired at KARE 11 in 2015. 

Like father, like son. Ryan is following in his father's footsteps and at the same station, KARE 11. It's gotta be one of the most rewarding things a parent can witness, watching his son's career blossom similar to how his did. Remember, before Randy was a big-time news anchor, he was the main sports guy at KARE.

4. Kevin Harlan and Olivia Harlan Dekker

Olivia and Kevin Harlan

Kevin Harlan and his daughter broadcast Monday Night Football together this past week. 

Kevin has been the radio voice of the Super Bowl for as long as anyone can remember, and when he's not calling nationally-broadcast NFL games he can be seen announcing the NBA on TNT. Prior to becoming a national broadcasting sensation he was the Timberwolves announcer. 

His daughter, Olivia, is a rising star as a sideline reporter and is married to former Wisconsin Badger and current NBA player, Sam Dekker. 

Just this past Monday night they made history as the first ever father-daughter broadcast duo on Westwood One's coverage of the Packers and 49ers on Monday Night Football.

5. Marney and Grady Gellner

Marney has been with Fox Sports North for more than a decade, working the sidelines for the Twins, Wolves and Wild and doing play-by-play for the Lynx.

Grady is fresh to the scene, debuting as Wolves locker room correspondent at just 10 years old.

Honorable mentions

Chris Hawkey and Kim Hawkey. Chris is arguably the life of the Power Trip Morning Show on KFAN in addition to being a rockstar, and Kim is back with Cities 97.1 as one of the key players in that station's long history. 

Cory Hepola and Camille Hepola. The married duo from KARE 11 are rising fast on this list, and if we ever do this again, which we almost certainly will on a future slow news day, they could find themselves chasing down Framelia. 

Paul Allen and Mike Wobschall. When I was PA's producer at KFAN we used to refer to them as "PA and the Parrot." It only makes sense to consider them pseudo family members. 

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