What if Eric Clapton covered Purple Rain? Find out here

The unexpected treat happened during a concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall last week.
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Aside from their out-of-this-world guitar chops, Eric Clapton and Prince may not have had much in common — with Clapton coming from an entirely different generation of rockers, and an entirely different country — but the 74-year-old is apparently a fan of the Purple One. 

In a first, the British guitar virtuoso covered Prince's "Purple Rain" during a three-night concert series at London's Royal Albert Hall last week. 

"It’s not only the first time that Clapton has played the song in concert, but the first time he’s done a Prince cover of any sort," Rolling Stone reports. 

The magazine says he closed out his "killer set" with the 1984 power ballad. You can watch the performance in the video below: 

Rolling Stone adds that it's "unclear why Clapton decided to play 'Purple Rain' at the show," but did point out that the guitarist penned a "moving" Facebook tribute to Prince after his death in 2016.

Here it is in its entirety:

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